Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is an industry term that is used synonymously with cross-media marketing and/or multi-channel marketing. In a nutshell, integrated marketing combines the usual advertising platforms of print (direct mail, ads, coupons) with the interactive capabilities of web, mobile and social networks.

The key advantages to integrated marketing are:

  • Personalization – adding personal messages and images to fit client preferences leads to a personalized experience and builds loyalty.
  • Increased response rates – by using a variety of different channels that are selected around the campaign goals, response rates can be 300 to 500 percent more effective than traditional direct mail.
  • Real Time tracking – we allow you to monitor the success of your campaign as it unfolds in real time so you can make changes to promotions, offers, etc as you go.

Ask one of our specialists on how we can improve your ROI on your next marketing campaign – big or small, we can find a solution for you.