Green Printing

We offer a wide variety of recycled papers that contain up to 100% recycled materials including 100% post-consumer content. We also carry papers that are non-bleached and chlorine free. We stock these locally so printing can still be achieved in an environmentally friendly process with no delays.

Ask for an eco audit on your next order and publish the environmental benefits right in your document to help demonstrate your company’s environmental commitment.

We print with vegetable-based inks and soy-based inks which carry the lowest VOCs of any ink in the industry.

Consider using digital printing with no VOCs, light energy consumption and almost zero waste.  Use print-on-demand techniques to eliminate cost over runs and be sure to call us to help recycle items such as letterhead – which we can turn into useful note pads!

Our DI press is a lithographic press that uses a waterless printing system which eliminates the water or dampening system used in conventional printing. The DI is an eco-friendly offset press and simply put, waterless printing is a better choice.



More trees are planted every year than are cut down and trees are a renewable resource. On average, when a tree is cut down to make paper, 5 more are planted in its place.