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This blog is brought to you by Colour Time Printing & Digital Imaging, downtown Vancouver's leading provider of printing and marketing solutions with international award-winning clientele. Established in 1978, it has a long history of providing a wide range of services from web design to beautifully printed bound books. With FSC certification and a strong commitment to the environment, Colour Time develops environmentally-responsible solutions that can match the details and demands of any project.

So, where is print going?

Print is the substrate that brings brands to life

The supposed “end of print” actually may be something of a renewal. The paperless trend in favor of digital content that surfaced a few years ago has indeed had an impact on print, but some of the results have been surprising. Invigorating even.

Just ask Phil Riebel, president and COO of Two Sides U.S. Inc. Riebel says that in some ways, the paperless movement has given print a chance to shine. “If anything, I believe the value [of print] is higher because it stands out more than in the past due to all the electronic and digital distractions that surround us and demand our attention.” Continue reading


U.S. Paper Industry Gets an Unexpected Boost (The Wall Street Journal)


Americans renew their relationship with paper, ditching the cheap stuff for reading news to buy expensive stock for photo-based cards and albums.


High-end paper from the Mohawk paper company in Waterford, N.Y., supplies online juggernaut Shutterfly for photo-based cards and albums. Michael Rubenstien for The Wall Street Journal

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7 Design Tips for a More Productive Office (Mashable)

Inkling Working Space

Image: Inkling

The right workspace can greatly increase employee peace of mind and productivity. But before you panic and install a Google-style indoor go-cart track in your accounting firm’s headquarters, relax. All you really need to do to boost your employees productivity is make a few small design tweaks.

It may seem trivial, but a few simple design fixes in your office environment can make you and your employees happier, healthier and much more productive.

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12 Best Practices for Retail-Ready Packaging (Packaging World)

Consider all the factors

aeroshotRetailers have taken notice at how the economics of high-volume, fast-moving consumer goods have changed in recent years. Led by big box stores, these retailers have seen the wisdom of trimming one of their biggest costs of operation—store floor personnel hours spent restocking or “facing up” products on shelf.

Brand owners have scrambled to meet retailers’ requests with retail-ready solutions ranging from large corrugated boxes with loose packages to smaller, notched paperboard holders for stand-up display of carded packages—and all points in between. The specific type of retail-ready package for the job depends on the specific retail environment where the products will live, but there are many factors to consider.

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Colour Time Wins Again at Canadian Printing Awards for HP Indigo Book

Back-to-back wins

We are thrilled to announce that Colour Time has won yet another prestigious Canadian Printing Award.

CPA CT 2013

The eighth annual Canadian Printing Awards, hosted by CBC's Heather Hiscox, took place last week at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Our winning entry in the Self-Promotion category was for our swatch book IMAGINE HP INDIGO, an original piece we developed, designed and printed at Colour Time on our HP Indigo Press.

Congratulations to everyone on the team that made this project possible!


St. Bernadine x Colour Time Win at Unisource Canada Design and Print Excellence Awards 2013

It's a win-win situation

We are delighted to announce that one of our printed pieces for St. Bernadine Mission Communications has won an award for in the Brand Identity category for "St. Bernadine Stationery" at the 2013 Unisource Canada Design and Print Excellence Awards.

Congratulations to St. Bernadine on this significant and well-deserved achievement. We are so honoured to be a part of it. Best wishes for more successes in the future!

St. Bernadine Stationery

Source: UVU 2013 – Unisource Canada Design and Print Excellence Awards

St Bernadine x Colour Time Award


Print catalogs remain key marketing materials in the business-to-business world

Don't walk in empty-handed

It may be a digital world, but there still is a place for the good ol' print catalog in business-to-business sales. Just ask CJ Milo, a sales consultant at Today's Business Products, a distributor of office furniture and supplies on Snow Road in Middleburg Heights.

When he first started at Today's, Mr. Milo accompanied an experienced salesman on calls. At a routine appointment at Notre Dame College in Euclid, the pair felt the wrath of disgruntled secretaries, who heckled the empty-handed salesmen and demanded the newest edition of Today's catalog.

Fortunately, the veteran salesman kept four cases of catalogs in the trunk at all times so that he could hand out the books at a moment's notice.

That experience taught a valuable lesson to Mr. Milo, who said print catalogs continue to help him in his career.

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Demand for Beautiful Design Grows in Quant-Crazy Silicon Valley

Users now expect beautiful design

A new class is gaining power in the left-brain territory of Silicon Valley: designers.

You could witness their rise at Google's I/O developer conference last month, where the company introduced aesthetically pleasing versions of products such as Google Maps. Its new look for Google+ even seemed to borrow from Pinterest, with posts formatted as cards that cascade downward when users refresh the page.

Designer Wanted

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